Adding high quality, easy-setup site search to your website could make all the difference to your business.

ZESearch supports your enterprise by helping your customers find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently, leading to more sales and greater business growth.

Automated Daily Crawling

Website updates are tracked quickly with no fuss

It's really important to keep you search results up-to-date with any changes that have been made to your website. We automatically crawl and index your site every day, so you have nothing to worry about.

Unlimited Searches

We don't cap your customers' activity - ever

The busier your site gets, the more searches you'll get. We don't restrict your customers' searches ever. That means that you can relax in the knowledge that no matter how busy your site is, our site search service will never let you down.

10,000 Indexed Pages

Nobody gives you more - anywhere

By choosing ZESearch as your site search provider you will get a massive 10,000 pages indexed as a minimum. That's more than enough for the majority of websites.

Fast Friendly Support

Get in touch - we're here to help

Serving the needs of our clients and giving great customer service is our guiding principle. We offer fast, friendly email support so you can rest assured that your business will get the attention it deserves.

Drop-in Search Box

Making setup easy

We know that getting started quickly is important for busy business owners. That's why we give you fully-functional drop-in search box and results page code. This code makes it easy to customize your search box and results page to suit your needs.

Lightning Fast

Search results in fractions of a second

Your customers are time starved. They don't want to hang around and wait for the content they are looking for to appear. With ZESearch, they get ultra-fast results giving them a great user experience.

On-demand Indexing

Changed some content? Update immediately

We know that there will be times when you change some content on your website and will want the new changes to show up in your search results immediately. Our on-demand indexing will do this for you with no fuss or hassle.

Intelligent Phrase Matching

Taking the pressure off the customer

Customers may not always type in phrases that exactly match your website content. That's where our "Intelligent Phrase Matching" comes in. For example, if someone types in: "Austrailian holiday" or "holidays in in Australia" the results will still display all your relevant content.

Custom Keywords

You can add what you like and target your offering

For example, synonyms will let you show pages about pianos when someone searches for "keyboards". And results pinning is great for promoting "special offers" pages when a product keyword is typed.

Auto Complete Option

A must for those busy customers

Simply provide a list of keywords and they will auto-complete when a customer stgarts to type, saving time and effort and targeting your offering more precisely.

Typo Tolerant

Making life just that little bit easier

Turn on "Typo Tolerance" and correct results will show up, even if they have been mis-typed. For example, a search for "keybroad" would return results matching "keyboard".

JavaScript API

For the developers

Not everyone will want to use our search box and results page code. So, we provide a powerful JavaScript API for those looking for a more tailored solution, reflecting the look and feel of your website.